Baht Bus, Pattaya, Thailand 062


Baht Bus, Pattaya, Thailand 062

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Some of the tourist areas in Thailand, especially here in Pattaya, use a silver service taxi service system called the “Baht Bus” to efficiently transport locals and tourists around the busiest parts of the city. Pattaya has some 700 Baht busses that drive around in somewhat consistent patterns. You hop on and off and pay a fare of 10 baht for most trips, though there appears to be some confusion about the fares if you talk to the driver and ask them to go “off route”. Based on a bit of online research it seems to me that you are expected to pay a lot more for the service if you negotiate a ride with the driver, and for that reason you generally should just get a good map and hop on and off to avoid hassles. Drivers seem to try to upsell the fare as soon as you talk to them, leading to more confusion. However on balance this is a cheap, fun, effective way to travel so use it and enjoy!

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