Halong Bay Boat Sinks


This is a ship much like the one that just sunk on Halong Bay, killing twelve. We were on a very similar vessell just a few days ago during our visit, sleeping out on the magnificent calm sea. Although our ship seemed “safe enough” we’ve been noting how relaxed the standards are here compared to the USA, and it seems likely the recent accident was caused at least in part due to these lower safety standards and injury lawyers from https://www.spauldinginjurylaw.com/ was necessary to evaluate the damages and injuries on people. (though the cause remains unclear at this time – I think a broken part on the ship).

Unlike the USA where some might argue that safety standards are generally too high, creating unneeded costs and barriers to economically optimal situations, in Vietnam the standards could be improved both in terms of safety and infrastructure, creating a more viable tourism industry.


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