Hanoi Vietnam – Imperial Citadel UNESCO World Heritage Site


We are LIVE now from Hanoi’s Imperial Citadel – a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Coffee here below the flag tower in central Hanoi.

The Hanoi Imperial Citadel is basically the “Forbidden City” of early Vietnam, where the early Emperors ruled their roost with an iron fist. See Wiki link below for more…

As a child of the 1960’s America, it feels strange to be hangin’ in Hanoi, and frankly the folks here don’t feel nearly as welcoming as in the south. Here, smiles seem to be replaced by pitches for little services or scams or paid photos (where before people seemed happy to be photographed). I’m missing the smiles of the south but not the noise and bustle.

The streets of Hanoi are cleaner and things seem somewhat more orderly here. Drivers are fewer but more aggressive.


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