Washington D.C. Trip Tips


Washington D.C. Trip Tips

It is fun to be planning our July 2015 trip to Washington D.C.    I was born there and have visited several times, but D.C. offers a plethora of interesting and superbly iconic American attractions  (Washington Monument, Lincoln Memorial, White House, Capital, War Memorials, etc, etc).

This amazing city never gets old.

Some of the challenges I’m facing so far are high hotel prices in the downtown areas, though Hotwire has been good about cutting those into more accessible reasonable rates.  Unfortunately Hotwire reservations can’t be cancelled so you are to some extent gambling that your trip plans will not change. Check in our website for transport info.


coming soon…
Which Washington D.C. Hotel to Choose?

D.C. has over 100,000 rooms in the larger metropolitan area at about 660 hotel properties.   About 120 of these are located in the city itself.

For living large on a middle class budget we are considering The Savoy Suites, a premier hotel with lowered rates during their remodeling (July 2015).    As with most (all?) downtown nice hotels, parking adds another $30 or so to the daily tab in a city where you don’t really need a car to get around, assuming you are willing to walk a LOT as well as use D.C.s  great metro system.

Another possibility is  the option of staying outside the city, parking at the hotel or at the metro itself  (about $5 per day) and using D.C.s fantastic and cheap metro, an extensive subway network that extends well beyond the city in all directions.

D.C. Dining 

(more to come during the trip)




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