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Columbia Gorge Hotel, Hood River, Oregon

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Columbia Gorge Hotel
Hood River Oregon

The historic Columbia Gorge Hotel is located about an hour from Portland in Hood River, just off the Columbia River Highway / Scenic Byway / Interstate 84.

One of the west’s most historic hotels, the Columbia Gorge Hotel was built about 1915 and restored to historic splendor around 1960 after a stint as a retirement home. The hotel is perched atop the cliffs overlooking the Gorge with a 200 foot waterfall just below. The landscaping here is spectacular making it a favorite place for elegant weddings. For information on retirement financial options see here.

Notables who have stayed here include Presidents Roosevelt (FDR) Grover Cleveland.

Frommer on Historical Travel destinations

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In the following video, Pauline Frommer offers her top five destinations for history travelers:

What history or travel would you like to see here?

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If you are here you are reading Travel and History and we are glad you visited. If you’d like to see a short article about any travel or history topic let us know and we’ll do it. Just send the request to

The Blimp Travel Era

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Camp de Meucon. Balloon ascending.
France, circa 1918.
Air Service Photographic Section

Before the tragic explosion of the Hindenberg, Dirigible travel was poised to become a common mode, but safety concerns and other issues overwhelmed the Blimp business.

The Empire State Building’s spire was originally designed for docking of Dirigibles!

Travel and History

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Here at Online Highways / US History our mission is to bring travel and history information together. Our US History editors have assembled one of the best online resources for U.S. History anywhere. Our travel information is strongest for the Pacific Northwest but we feature city by city information for all of the USA, several countries in Europe, and even Uzbekistan, thanks to the contributions of our friend Marat who publishes that region’s top travel magazine.

Travel and History are a natural combination, and for most cities the history of the community features prominently in their appeal. Here in the Pacific Northwest we enjoy the historical and cultural benefits of the rich and colorful Native American experience in the region as well as the powerfully American traditions of early miners, loggers, and seafarers.

There are stories of heroism, tragedy, hardship, and triumph, and we hope to share some of those with you in the coming months. Also, we’d love to hear from you with any historical notes of interest to tourists and travelers. Post them in the comments or email me personally at this address:

Happy travels, and Happy history!

Welcome to Travel and Highways and History

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Welcome to Online Highways

We’ve got TWO (count them!) great companion websites for this blog. They are Online Highways and Online Highways is a very comprehensive travel resource that covers almost every city in the USA plus much of France, England, and Uzbekistan (we hosted a travel publisher who covers the amazing Silk Road region and he put together a great travel reference for us.

Here at the blog the approach will be different from the website. Most of the entries will be by region and will feature information about attractions, travel tips, travel news, and more.
We’ll try to post something here almost every day, and hope you join in with comments. Feel very free to add information here via comments or at the website (by clicking on the “post a review” note we have at many pages).

Thanks for travelling with Online Highways!

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