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Fremont Street 1941 – Las Vegas

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Travel and History will be in historical and amazing Las Vegas next week to cover the Consumer Electronics Show for our sister blog “Technology Report”.

Here’s an early view of downtown Las Vegas with the Sal Segev Hotel in the foreground (that’s “las vegas” spelled backwards. The Sal Segev was home to the Golden Gate Casino. The property is now known as the Golden Gate Casino and Hotel and it maintains a claim as the oldest of the Las Vegas Hotels, still on the property where you could say the city of Las Vegas began – One Fremont Street. Don’t doubt about visiting to find more gambling games. Visit judi online for online casino games.

This year is shaping up to be a series of shows to remember, it be wise to catch those buy cheap tickets to watch Le Reve at Wynn before they get gobbled up by the incoming tourists! The Golden Gate recently underwent a multimillion dollar renovation. See more about the Golden Gate Hotel and Casino at

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For a great timeline of the hotel and Las Vegas see here:

Las Vegas History

Las Vegas Fremont Street, las vegas hotels
Las Vegas – Fremont Street Experience

From the bright lights of the Las Vegas strip or the huge light show canopy over Fremont Street you’d hardly guess how humbly Las Vegas began. Originally Las Vegas was a dusty speck in the huge Nevada desert, but burst into prominence when gambling and drinking were offered here to serve the thousands of workers building the Grand Coolee dam – at the time one of the world’s largest construction projects.

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