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Oregon History

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Here at Travel and History the goal is to connect people, places, and times. If you have a history website for your community that you would like featured here let us know.

An excellent recent example of a wonderful local history site is by the Talent Historical Society and features the history of Talent, Oregon. Now a quiet community of about 4,000 Talent enjoyed somewhat more prominence at the turn of the century as a farming community along the southern Oregon railroad, surrounded by Ashland, Medford, and Jacksonville.

My favorite part of the Talent website are the historical photos.

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Oregon History

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The history of Oregon is rich with Native American lore and legend and stories of Europeans and, later, Americans from the East coast who braved the Oregon Trail seeking adventure and a better life.

Sage bark sandals discovered at Fort Rock, Oregon place humans in the state some 13,200 years before present time, and by about 10,000 B.P. there were human settlements over much of the extensive landscape now called the state of Oregon.

The huge Oregon Trail migration of the 1840’s brought families west in search of new homes in the fertile valleys near Portland and in Central Oregon. A southern branch of the Oregon Trail, the Applegate Trail, brought settlement to the southern parts of Oregon.

More Oregon History is at the main pages of our US History and Travel website.

The Oregon Historical Society website has more information. They have programs throughout the year featuring Oregon history and other historical themes.

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