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Scroll DOWN a bit for’s BlogRank clickable listing of 150 blogs they have ranked, but note they DO NOT RANK most travel blogs.    That’s a project I’m working on now and it’s going to be very helpful to those of us in the sector since there are now tens of thousands of travel blogs, most with almost no traffic at all but many good ones with more than you’d think.

BlogRank’s Top General Travel blogs unique monthly visitors shows how dominant Gadling is in the Travel Blog Sector, though the great folks at BootsnAll up in Eugene Oregon appear to be doing very well also.   I’m skeptical of these visitor numbers and will try to follow up on where they come from.

Compete in the past, based on just a bit of research by me, seemed notorious for underestimating traffic unless you used their (paid) system and installed their counter.    For sites I controlled the underestimation tended to be very dramatic compared to our actual traffic logs and Google Analytics reporting.   I hope they’ve fixed that and a study might be in order, as I’m happy with Google Analytics reporting which seems to match our logs better (again, I’m saying this without enough research to back it up robustly).

1.  Gadling 733,497

2 BootsnAll Travel 178,575
3 MiceChat 89,419
4 The Travel Blog by TravelPod 81,972
5 Jaunted – The Pop Culture Travel Guide 72,462
6 TheJetpacker 69,924
7 Travellerspoint Travel Community 59,745
8 BoardingArea 59,286
9 37,701
10 Europe for Visitors 30,051


Rank Blog Name RSS Monthly Visitors
1 Gadling rss 733,497
2 BootsnAll Travel rss 178,575
3 MiceChat rss 89,419
4 The Travel Blog by TravelPod rss 81,972
5 Jaunted – The Pop Culture Travel Guide rss 72,462
6 TheJetpacker rss 69,924
7 Travellerspoint Travel Community 59,745
8 BoardingArea rss 59,286
9 rss 37,701
10 Europe for Visitors rss 30,051
11 Vagabondish rss 27,879
12 rss 25,679
13 Suzannes Files – Luxury Travel Insights rss 23,176
14 Johnny Jets Weekly Newsletter rss 20,386
15 Nomadic Matts Travel Site rss 19,712
16 Go Visit Hawaii rss 19,266
17 Travel Guides rss 18,263
18 Kathika Travel Website rss 15,417
19 OffbeatTravel rss 14,930
20 The Cranky Flier rss 13,423
21 Global Grasshopper | Travel Tips and Inspiration rss 13,223
22 NewYorkology rss 12,385
23 Touropia rss 11,488
24 Everything Everywhere rss 11,185
25 Wanderlust and Lipstick rss 11,170
26 The Vacation Gals rss 11,094
27 rss 10,464
28 World Hum rss 10,286
29 My Several Worlds rss 10,143
30 Upgrade: Travel Better rss 9,537
31 rss 9,235
32 Traveling Mamas rss 8,937
33 Bonjour Paris rss 8,868
34 rss 8,804
35 The Amateur Traveler Travel Podcast – best places to travel rss 8,803
36 Uncornered Market rss 8,798
37 Travels with Children rss 8,364
38 WanderingEducators rss 8,254
39 Go Green Travel Green rss 7,959
40 Holland America Blog rss 7,415
41 Off Track Planet – The Backpackers Ultimate Travel Guide rss 7,286
42 foXnoMad rss 7,023
43 Hole In The Donut rss 6,851
44 As We Travel rss 6,526
45 Travel Blog rss 6,491
46 Canada Adventure Couple rss 6,174
47 Indie Travel Podcast rss 6,145
48 Travelvice rss 5,827
49 My Melange rss 5,672
50 Go, See, Write rss 5,158
51 Fun Things to Do rss 5,095
52 Solo Traveler rss 4,946
53 Chris Around The World rss 4,905
54 GoBackpacking rss 4,822
55 Online Travel Review rss 4,506
56 Tales from Technomadia rss 4,161
57 Gourmeted rss 4,077
58 Wandering Trader’s Travels rss 4,005
59 My Itchy Travel Feet rss 3,922
60 Tech Guide For Travel rss 3,871
61 Nomadic Notes Travel Blog rss 3,627
62 rss 3,481
63 Ottsworld rss 3,438
64 Champagne Living rss 3,355
65 Get In the Hot Spot rss 3,181
66 Traveling Canucks rss 2,996
67 Mommy Musings rss 2,966
68 Vagablond rss 2,811
69 soultravelers3 rss 2,805
70 Travel Experta – All You Need to Know About Traveling in Central America! rss 2,786
71 TravelBlogs rss 2,755
72 Travel Happy rss 2,741
73 Alaska Travelgram rss 2,722
74 Neil Duckett rss 2,684
75 Johnny Vagabond – Around the World, Low and Slow rss 2,644
76 Blog about barcelona, berlin, madrid and paris rss 2,621
77 Travel Wonders of the World rss 2,608
78 Married with Luggage rss 2,557
79 Travels with a Nine Year Old rss 2,555
80 Travel Blog Sites rss 2,494
81 Family Friendly Hotel, Resort, Suite Reviews: Travel Savvy Mom » blog rss 2,415
82 Briefcase to Backpack rss 2,397
83 Europe Travels rss 2,358
84 rss 2,345
85 Africafreak rss 2,341
86 Round the World Travel rss 2,272
87 The Ticket rss 2,235
88 The Professional Hobo rss 2,181
89 Heather on her travels rss 2,003
90 501 Places rss 1,979
91 HAPPYTIMEBLOG rss 1,900
92 Telluride Inside… and Out rss 1,898
93 Vagablogging rss 1,890
94 The Brooklyn Nomad rss 1,889
95 A Luxury Travel Blog rss 1,871
96 The Road Forks rss 1,864
97 SimpliFlying rss 1,858
98 What a Trip rss 1,761
99 Andy’s Blog – Gone Further rss 1,697
100 Travel Blog Exchange rss 1,658
101 Asian Ramblings rss 1,634
102 PassportChop Travel Experience Blog rss 1,530
103 TravelBrook rss 1,497
104 The Longest Way Home rss 1,484
105 Inside the Travel Lab rss 1,467
106 Peregrine Online rss 1,432
107 rss 1,348
108 rss 1,333
109 Go Galavanting rss 1,330
110 Grumpy Traveller rss 1,309
111 Traveling with MJ rss 1,285
112 Gap Year Escape rss 1,266
113 The Gypsy’s Guide rss 1,250
114 Top vacation spots rss 1,244
115 Travel Feeder rss 1,244
116 Travelogged rss 1,240
117 rss 1,207
118 -Girlie Motorcycle Blog rss 1,195
119 iBackpack Canada rss 1,171
120 Unearthing Asia rss 1,106
121 Exposed The world exposed in words and vision, by Harry Kikstra rss 1,100
122 Wanderlust Journey rss 1,090
123 rss 1,073
124 Family Travel Guide rss 1,051
125 Travels of Adam rss 1,046
126 VirtualWayfarer – A Place For Intellectual Musings rss 1,044
127 rss 1,006
128 The Seattle Traveler rss 986
129 Travel Writers Exchange rss 985
130 Travel Rants Blog rss 958
131 MuseumChick rss 947
132 FOGG odyssey rss 919
133 The Aussie Nomad rss 870
134 Family Adventure Guidebooks rss 771
135 Lanzarote Information – Everything and anything about Lanzarote rss 750
136 Chengdu Living rss 747
137 rss 740
138 rss 738
139 Wandalust rss 684
140 Double the Adventure rss 654
141 iKangaroo, rss 644
142 rss 578
143 Kyspeaks rss 576
144 Backpacker Ben Travel Blog rss 573
145 Tyson Williams rss 572
146 Vietnam Travel rss 543
147 rss 534
148 Lifecruiser rss 534
149 Ll World Tour rss 509
150 Travel Junkie Julia rss 500

Planet Explorers: Laura Schaefer’s Travel e-books for kids

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Check out this new series of travel guides for kids from Laura Schaefer:

Author Laura Schaefer (The Teashop Girls) Releases Planet Explorers Series of Travel Guidebooks for Kids

Laura Schaefer, author of The Teashop Girls (Simon & Schuster 2009) and The Secret Ingredient (Simon & Schuster 2011) has a new series of e-books for kids called Planet Explorers. Her first title, Planet Explorers Walt Disney World, is a guidebook for readers aged 8-12. With fun facts, tips, and active hyperlinks for kids who want to dig a little deeper into everything Disney, the e-book guide is designed to be read on smart phones, Kindles, Nooks or iPads. It is priced at $2.99 per copy at

“I wanted to give kids an easy way to become Walt Disney World experts without having to carrying around an actual book,” explains Schaefer. “The Planet Explorers guides live right on your phone, which most ‘tweens would have with them during a day traveling anyway.” More exciting, explains Schaefer, is the fact that e-book technology allows readers to jump from information about the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction to a website about notorious real-life pirates such as Blackbeard. “The e-book format is perfect for young readers,” she says. “A kid can quickly check out the height requirement for The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror, then read a little bit about classic Twilight Zone episodes while they wait in line. It’s all there, linked and ready to go. Writing Planet Explorers Walt Disney World was a blast.”

Planet Explorers guidebooks cut out all the stuff kids would find boring if they looked through a regular travel guide and focus on attractions and fun facts. The guides have a lot of pictures and even include a quiz at the end to check the user’s knowledge. Parents are excited about the easy way the guidebooks incorporate learning about geography, history, art and science into real-life experiences.

Planet Explorers Walt Disney World is the first in a whole series. Planet Explorers Chicago, Planet Explorers New York City, Planet Explorers Philadelphia, Planet Explorers Disneyland and Planet Explorers Disney Cruise Line are also available at Amazon,, iBooks and Smashwords. If you’d like to sample the series, now is the perfect time. Planet Explorers Philadelphia is on sale at Amazon for only $0.99.

Next up? Planet Explorers Universal Resort Orlando, followed by Planet Explorers London. “I loved traveling as a kid,” says Schaefer. “I want to empower my readers to be part of planning vacations with their parents. That way, it’s more fun for the whole family.”

To learn more, please visit

Booking Europe with TripAdvisor and Venere

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As I wrap up our hotel bookings for the Europe adventure I’m very pleased with the many reviews I’m finding at and the booking services at, though I think Venere is best for the major cities where TripAdvisor is very helpful even for smaller city destinations like Vernazza in the Cinque Terre.

For Paris, Rome, and Venice I was very pleased with Venere’s ability to sort through thousands of listings and give me high rated properties at lower cost.    Most importantly I was able to reserve them with my credit card with very reasonable  cancellation policies – in one case better than that at the hotel website.     Plans can change in Europe and I’m concerned about the fact that some areas – like the Cinque Terre – are not at all cancellation friendly.     Although my understanding is that you can usually find a nice place in the Cinque Terre without a reservation I’m not risking that with a family in tow and the area surging in popularity pretty much every time a Rick Steves show, book, or magazine extolls the beauty and charm of the area.

Although it’s time consuming, a good approach for smaller destinations is to review the TripAdvisor listings for your destination and then use Google search to find the specific hotel website.   From there I’m finding friendly hotel folks who seem genuinely apologetic when they can’t find me the right room.

Thanks again to Eurail Pass, for helping to sponsor our European Rail Adventure

Travel Guide Profiles

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As the internet travel information experience explodes, we’re all finding that *filtering* through the millions of websites has become as big a challenge as simply *finding* websites that match your interests.

Over the next few months we’ll be profiling several “travel guide” websites you might find helpful as you plan your travels around the globe. We are especially interested in bloggers who are writing about their own communities as these tend to be the most authentic “travel voices” and offer you some of the best insights when you visit a location.

Please feel free to suggest other sites in the comments at any time!

52 Perfect Days

52 Perfect Days is a guide to travel written by several travel writers and enthusiasts, and offers an intriguing take on travel to several American cites as well as international destinations:

Check their travel website out here:

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    US History and Travel

    Airports Blog

    China Highlights Travel

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