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Bill Ferry is an active traveler, photographer, and blogger.  Check out his photography and travel blog   f 360” here:  Over the last decade of retirement Bill and his wife have traveled throughout the US, Canada, and Europe. You will visit professional shoe store. In his working years Bill was an executive in the construction materials industry, publisher of a travel newsletter, and a board member of the Southern Oregon Visitor’s Association which promoted travel over a very large region of Oregon.

Bill covers topics relating to travel and photography and you can find a list of some of his work here at the Retire USA blog:

Travel and Photography from Bill Ferry

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Saigon’s Busy Streets

vietnam, vietnam travel, vietnam war

Saigon 131

Originally uploaded by JoeDuck

Vietnam Trip, Feb 2011: We returned to Saigon / Ho Chi Minh CIty after three quiet days in Sa Dec. It’s impossible in photos to capture the frenzy of Saigon’s busy streets, teaming with scooters, taxis, carts and people and about as noisy as you can imagine from very early until very late at night. Yet by the end of the trip we’d learned to tune out the hustle and bustle and focus on the charming sites and sounds as millions of residents go about their daily routines like the one in My Body Life website for the ones wanting a healthier lifestyle.

Some of the frenzy is simply what you find in most big cities, but I’d have to say that Saigon “felt” much busier to me than Los Angeles, Paris, Rome, or even Beijing or Shanghai. Unlike European and American cities I think Saigon / HCMC is growing very fast and changing reapidly, and unlike China’s megalopolises there’s not a lot of funding or guidance or enforcement of traffic and planning rules to channel the rapid development.

Sa Dec, Vietnam


Sa Dec, Vietnam

Originally uploaded by JoeDuck

One last market picture from Sa Dec Vietnam before we move along on our tour of Vietnam based on my February 2011 trip that took us from Ho Chi Minh City / Saigon to the Mekong delta and fairly small city of Sa Dec. Sa Dec is known in Europe mostly as the backdrop for the story and film “The Lover”, Marguerite Duras’ semi autobiographical novel about the experiences of her youth in French Colonial Vietnam.

After an eventful bus ride from Sa Dec back to Saigon / HCMC we spent a few more days in Saigon, Vietnam’s economic powerhouse, experiencing a very interesting take on the Vietnam War in the Presidential Palace and War Artifacts Museums – extensive pictures from their are here at Flickr in my collection, though note that some are graphic and may be disturbing to you.  We took a day trip on old Russian-made hydrophoil boats to Vung Tao Island, a popular resort area. Next we headed north to Hanoi, Da Nang, Hue, Ha Long Bay, and the amazing caves at Phong Ke Ban National Park. More on all that in upcoming posts.

Ho Chi Minh City / Saigon Vietnam


Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam 098

Originally uploaded by JoeDuck

Vietnam, especially Ho Chi Minh City aka “Saigon” (a very interesting historical naming issue for later), is modernizing quickly like most of communist Asia. For me there’s huge irony here as communism’s centralized economies blend with western-style capitalism, but I get the idea that for most of the folks in Vietnam (and also China) this is NOT ironic at all. Rather, those governments are now responding better to the natural forces of economics such as entrepreneurship and free enterprise.

The upside of this are much higher standards of living for many of the folks in Vietnam. The downside as a traveler is that the charming tiny shops and restaurants that line the city streets are giving way to bigger and brighter lights of department stores and massive signs you could find in any western city. As we sat with some of our new table tennis pals at a nice restaurant in downtown Saigon one of them pointed across the street to a huge store with bright lights, proudly showing me the beauty of the new Vietnam. The older generation seems less enthusiastic about the changes sweeping the country, although I think they understand that the rising tide of capitalism is lifting most of the boats here, giving their children opportunities, health, and prosperity they could only have dreamed about only a few decades ago.

Sa Dec Market – part two

vietnam, vietnam travel

Here’s a great video of the Sa Dec Market featured in my previous post:

Sa Dec Market, Vietnam


Sa Dec Market, Vietnam

Originally uploaded by JoeDuck

This post begins my summary of the three weeks I spent traveling in Vietnam last February with two Table Tennis friends – one who grew up there and one expert player from California. The trip was an amazing introduction to a beautiful country with wonderful people. Unlike the “Vietnam War” imagery that still haunts most of us in the USA, the “new” Vietnam is teaming with energy and enthusiasm as the economy blossoms and relations with the rest of the world improve. Some would say that Vietnam is not yet ready for “prime time” in terms of the tourism amenities (for example a boat much like ours sunk in Halong Bay during our trip, killing several tourists), but I’d encourage all but the faint of heart to venture into this amazing country.

Here, in Sa Dec near the Mekong River, we sampled fruits I’d never seen before that we bought on the street from the vendors.
Sa Dec is not on most tourism itineraries, making my California friend and I something of celebrities there as we walked along with kids yelled “hello, hello!” or coming up to practice their very spotty English, now required in most Vietnamese grade schools. As we found throughout the country the people throughout Vietnam were both warm and friendly, and the war that figures so prominently in American memories seemed almost like a historical footnote to most of the people here. More on that American war history later when we visit the “Hanoi Hilton” in Hanoi and the “War Crimes Room” of the Presidential Palace Museum in Saigon / Ho Chi Minh City.

Campgrounds of Canada


The best way to explore Canada is by visiting its gorgeous outdoors. And if you go camping you’ll get to stay right in the heart of it all. Campgrounds of Canada is a fairly new website that offers an extensive list of campgrounds and RV parks all over Canada with the best steam valley hot springs to visit and enjoy in your vacations. Campground and RV park owners can update their own latest information and pictures and can even provide their vacancy info, making this website a valuable source of information.

The owner (a camping enthusiast and outdoor lover himself) is continually working to add more features to the site. He appreciates suggestions and turns feedback into action.

Currently the 5 most popular provinces are:
1. British Columbia ( )
2. Alberta ( )
3. Ontario ( )
4. Saskatchewan ( )
5. Manitoba ( )

Rick Steves’ HIDDEN EUROPE city list

alps, rick steves

Rick Steves is an amazing resource for European travel, and he’s got a new special showcasing twelve of his favorite “out of the way” places in Europe.

The Hidden Europe Slideshow

Rick Steves’ ” undiscovered European destinations” from his PBS TV special.

Shanghai China – Nanjing Road


ChinaApril2008 058

Originally uploaded by JoeDuck

Shanghai is now, arguably, the world’s most important metropolis, and it is certainly an incredible crossroads of global culture and influence. Here we find almost every nation on earth represented and we see a lot of the intersection of the world’s two most significan economies – the USA and China.

Get a daily dose of history from “The Famous Daily”

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Check out the new site “The Famous Daily” for a daily dose of history in the form of articles about events that happened on a particular day in history.  Today’s Famous Daily for January 15th covers three big historical events on this date: the dedication of the Pentagon, The Democratic Donkey symbol, and the founding of the University of Notre Dame.

Check out the articles at the Famous Daily and join their email list to get daily updates on history and other topics.

1943 – The world’s largest office building, The Pentagon, is dedicated (Arlington, Virginia).

1870 – Thomas Nast creates the symbol of the democratic party, the donkey 

1844 – The University of Notre Dame is founded

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