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Porto Corsa in Cars 2 or Portofino Italy?

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Portofino Italy
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The Disney / Pixar animated film “Cars 2” has some amazing graphics showing an imaginary car racing city of “Porto Corsa”. According to Wikipedia the animators created the city based partly on their drives around the coast of northern Italy in Liguria and especially the city of Portofino, located on the Mediterreanean Coast just north of the Cinque Terre, an area we blogged about in 2010 during the family train adventures throughout Europe.

Colosseum, Rome, Italy

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Colosseum, Rome, Italy
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We aren’t  here yet…. but we will be in about 3 weeks!

The Roman Colosseum is one of the most iconic buildings on  the earth, a symbol of one of the largest and most influential empires of all time.

Visitors later this summer 2010 will be able to see recent restoration/historical rennovation of many rooms under the colosseum where gladiators prepared and prisoners waited to meet their bloody fate in the jaws of lions or from other ruthless attacks.

More about that at MSNBC (Thanks to Wonderful Italy for the link!)

At almost 2000 years old the colosseum is, quite literally, in ruins.   This is in part due to age and partly because stone robbers have carried away pieces of the buildings over that 2000 year time frame.

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