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Rick Steves’ HIDDEN EUROPE city list

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Rick Steves is an amazing resource for European travel, and he’s got a new special showcasing twelve of his favorite “out of the way” places in Europe.

The Hidden Europe Slideshow

Rick Steves’ ” undiscovered European destinations” from his PBS TV special.

Planet Explorers: Laura Schaefer’s Travel e-books for kids

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Check out this new series of travel guides for kids from Laura Schaefer:

Author Laura Schaefer (The Teashop Girls) Releases Planet Explorers Series of Travel Guidebooks for Kids

Laura Schaefer, author of The Teashop Girls (Simon & Schuster 2009) and The Secret Ingredient (Simon & Schuster 2011) has a new series of e-books for kids called Planet Explorers. Her first title, Planet Explorers Walt Disney World, is a guidebook for readers aged 8-12. With fun facts, tips, and active hyperlinks for kids who want to dig a little deeper into everything Disney, the e-book guide is designed to be read on smart phones, Kindles, Nooks or iPads. It is priced at $2.99 per copy at

“I wanted to give kids an easy way to become Walt Disney World experts without having to carrying around an actual book,” explains Schaefer. “The Planet Explorers guides live right on your phone, which most ‘tweens would have with them during a day traveling anyway.” More exciting, explains Schaefer, is the fact that e-book technology allows readers to jump from information about the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction to a website about notorious real-life pirates such as Blackbeard. “The e-book format is perfect for young readers,” she says. “A kid can quickly check out the height requirement for The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror, then read a little bit about classic Twilight Zone episodes while they wait in line. It’s all there, linked and ready to go. Writing Planet Explorers Walt Disney World was a blast.”

Planet Explorers guidebooks cut out all the stuff kids would find boring if they looked through a regular travel guide and focus on attractions and fun facts. The guides have a lot of pictures and even include a quiz at the end to check the user’s knowledge. Parents are excited about the easy way the guidebooks incorporate learning about geography, history, art and science into real-life experiences.

Planet Explorers Walt Disney World is the first in a whole series. Planet Explorers Chicago, Planet Explorers New York City, Planet Explorers Philadelphia, Planet Explorers Disneyland and Planet Explorers Disney Cruise Line are also available at Amazon,, iBooks and Smashwords. If you’d like to sample the series, now is the perfect time. Planet Explorers Philadelphia is on sale at Amazon for only $0.99.

Next up? Planet Explorers Universal Resort Orlando, followed by Planet Explorers London. “I loved traveling as a kid,” says Schaefer. “I want to empower my readers to be part of planning vacations with their parents. That way, it’s more fun for the whole family.”

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